Talk about the SteamID api , Webhooks and development items.
Also request higher API / Webhook limits
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Post by GiBaTr0n » Sat Jun 27, 2020 6:19 am

I'd like to use the API key to contribute a steamid module to the iKy project which is a tool to check on people's privacy leaks. For example, I use it to find how (sadly) poor my privacy is as it returns all my email addresses, twitter account, aliases, etc.
By using your API I want to extend it's functionality so it's being fed by the steam info.
As this is for personal use, after I create and contribute the module (and hopefully get it accepted by iKy maintainers) people who will use it will need to create their own steamid accounts and request their own keys. I'm not creating any internet service nor anything like it, I'll be the only one making requests with my key and they are manual, no bots, no crawling, nothing that will put any significant load on your side.
The project iKy is hosted here https://kennbroorg.gitlab.io/ikyweb/ and by adding support for steamID I intend to become a contributor.

Hopefully this was a good request :D

Best, J.P.

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