Team / Clan / Community Management.

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Team / Clan / Community Management.

Post by Martin » Sun Mar 15, 2020 6:27 pm

SteamID has a team/community system in place which in short, allows you to register a team name and then invite users into this team who have to acept this invite.

Once the users are accepted into the team there are a few features to note:
  • Show all team members previous names*
  • Show all team members previous avatars*
  • Show all team members previous community Urls*
  • Export member list
  • Export members friends lists
  • Team comment section opens up on profiles
  • All team comments page opens up allowing members to view who left what comment on what profile
  • Discord hook for team actions such as comments , joining , leaving
  • Discord hook for staff actions, changing roles , kicking users
  • Staff and role based system
There is so much more to come such as Team Based APIs to allow integration into SteamID to allow automatic reporting for larger teams and communities.

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