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Question (Account's information history)

Posted: Sun Dec 22, 2019 4:54 am
by zell
Good evening. So I've stumbled upon this website and I was unaware that people could actually get hands on our account's history. I was very happy when Steam allowed players to delete their previous nicknames from their profiles as I used to type down some cringeworthy ones back in the day or set my surname as my nick. I see that people can also see all of the avatars we've used in the past and I don't feel comfortable with my pictures there. Also, is it possible to delete all of my previous Steam account's links? You can totally see that I'm legit and I started being tracked since 2016 only, when I actually created this account in 2014 for some reason? Please, I'm kindly asking you, erase my entire history, I hate that some of these cringey links and nicks are in here and I hate that I got pictures and avatars that I'd like to see deleted, are exposed...

If you delete all of the information, could it still show up on other websites?

EDIT: My profile is not private as it is shown underneath this submission.