SteamID Bans, restrictions and flags

Appeal a SteamID ban, restriction or flag in the corresponding sub-forum.
Forum rules
Read this before you start an appeal.
  • No flaming, trolling, arguing, etc.
    You will communicate with the person handling your appeal in a polite and orderly fashion.
  • No endless repeating of the same.
    We got it the first time.
  • No beating around bushes.
    Get to the point, we've got other things to do.
  • Follow directions.
    Just ignoring the person in charge of your appeal isn't gonna do it any good.
  • Provide proof of what you claim.
    Just saying it "wasn't me" or any of the sorts isn't gonna change the outcome of the analysis resulting in your issue.
  • Don't fish for information about how you got caught.
    We get it, you want to evade a possible future SteamID mishap on your next account. We're not here to help you with that though.
  • Don't be that person.
    We've heard it all before, and seen it all before.
  • Don't go around trying to discuss your issue anywhere else but here.
    We want to keep the rest of this board free of it, this includes our PM's.
  • Accept the result of your appeal gracefully if it got rejected.
    If you got caught, and your appeal was unsuccessful, don't be salty.
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