Avatar finder changes - Patreon and announcements

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Avatar finder changes - Patreon and announcements

Post by Martin » Sun Oct 06, 2019 4:08 pm

Avatar Finder Changes
- The Avatar Finder API has now shut down permanently
the only way to now use this feature is through the front end of SteamID which is logged and monitored.

- Platinum Patreon,
This Tier allowed people who kept getting cool downs to bypass the cooldown and second-rate limits of the avatar finder feature genuine with some people due to site lag however there were people scripting this.
I also allowed people who were blocked and banned back to use this feature in an attempt to frustrate other sites , This goes against what SteamID is for and a huge mistake on my part which will / has hurt the SteamID reputation so access to this has stopped. For now, the platinum tier will be removed entirely.

SteamID is against cheaters and scammers however the implementation of the above two features has gone against this moral.

Updates to follow.

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